Are you paying yourself first?

Hello guys, Today, I come to you to talk about this excellent concept: "Pay yourself first." The first time I read about this concept was in a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". This book, in addition to countless life lessons and tools for better terms to survive in what we can call the jungle,... Continue Reading →

Stop and breathe

Stop. Now. Everything you’re doing. Put your phone away. Stop thinking about what’s stressing you... Have you stopped today just to sink in yourself?  I mean, have you stopped what you were doing just to pay attention to your breathing? Have you felt how your body was moving, your legs where stretching and your muscles... Continue Reading →

200€ Challenge

Hi guys! So, since we are still newbies here, we decided to start a challenge for us, and invite you to come along on this journey. As we have recently moved in together, we wanted to try minimizing our expenses and see if we can do that through grocery shopping, as we were shocked when... Continue Reading →

If you run, you are a runner

Everytime I scrolled through inspirational or motivational quotes about exercise I found this one, and I never really got it, but the other day I thought about it and it resonated to me. It made me feel like I can be anything in the world, anything I want to be, anyhting I put my head... Continue Reading →

It’s all about the people

It’s funny how people can do us so much good, and so bad at the same time. When you think about it, what really matters or makes the difference are the people. When you move to a new town, get a new job, or even when you start a new gym membership, it’s often all... Continue Reading →

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Hi there! Even though I’m really into nature and exploring the outdoors, I really like to read. About everything. So, this time I chose to read something a little different from what I’m used to. I just finished to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and I can say this book is really lifechanging. Well, it... Continue Reading →

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